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Follow the Sun (1951)


Directed by Sidney Lanfield    
Written by Frederick Hazlitt Brennan (article), Frederick Hazlitt Brennan (screenplay)
Starring: Glenn Ford, Anne Baxter and Dennis O'Keefe...
B&W ; 94 mins

"Follow the Sun" Movie on Dvd

Glenn Ford stars in the powerful screen biography of real-life golf pro Ben Hogan, the courageous sportsman whose stirring comeback in the U.S.Open came only one year after he was nearly crushed to death in an auto wreck. Beginning with his days as a young golf enthusiast through the tournaments that made him a star, the film climaxes with the tragic accident that left doctors feeling Hogan might never walk again. With the nation's encouragement, Hogan surmounts incalculable obstracles and provides a lifetime of inspiration.

  • Model: Follow the Sun (1951)