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The Thing That Couldn't Die (1958)


Directed by Will Cowan
Written by David Duncan
Starring: William Reynolds, Andra Martin and Jeffrey Stone...
68 mins

"The Thing That Couldn't Die " Movie on Dvd

A beautiful young woman with psychic powers discovers a 400 year old chest while water-witching on her skeptical Aunt's Dude Ranch. While she seeks to have the chest examined by an archaeologist, her greedy family opens the chest and discovers the intact head of Gideon Drew, a sorcerer executed by Sir Francis Drake in the 16th century. More horrifying, the head awakens and Drew telepathically takes control of the dim-witted handyman even causing him to kill. Drew uses his mind control to aide in the search for the rest of his body, which when he is reunited will make himĀ  an all powerful sorcerer once more.

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